An unbiased study of Ukrainian cities through the lens of a field diary

Who we are


Mistograf is our family project. We, Tatiana and Yaroslav, have had a considerable experience in various urban projects. We are keen on big cities, where we explore urban planning, architecture, and environmental design. Our children Yulia, Olya, Marko share the lifestyle of explorers and travellers.



It is a record of life of cities and towns - for us it takes the form of diaries, sketches, maps, comments, small studies, interviews.We travel through the country with expeditions to analyze and recreate a certain segment of time and place at the level of micro-urbanism.



We present our expeditions experience from each city in a separate issue of the Mistograf craft newspaper, which is published every two months.When we have enough information for a book about our expeditions, we will publish it, keeping the format of sketches and descriptions.



We strive to create a strong image of the country in the eyes of fellow citizens and foreigners, we encourage them to participate in our interesting affairs.City expeditions are our contribution to the development of the country's inner tourism, also publications perform both an entertaining and educational functions.


Issue №001



"Chernihiv is the city of legends". This is what they like to write on sites selling sightseeing tours. We saw with our own eyes this ancient center of economy and culture of Ukraine and now we are happy to share our urban sketches with you.


It is an important tool of communication with subscribers. Here we present current research, observations, and focus on urban paradoxes. Through stories, you can travel with us, help us in expeditions. Write to us in direct mail about your cities - support is important for us.